As President of CarePoint Solutions, I would like to introduce you to our company and thank you for visiting our website.  I'm confident you will benefit from the products and resources that we will be providing in the near future.

For most of my 35 year career I have helped commercialize many of the quality control formulations, proficiency test materials, and software solutions that have advanced the accuracy of testing in the POC market and hopefully, have helped to make your job easier!  

Studies indicate that as much as 79% of all healthcare decisions are influenced by diagnostic testing. As a result, diagnostic testing has a significant impact on the effectiveness and cost of healthcare delivery.  Improved accuracy of diagnostic testing translates to better diagnoses and treatments, providing significant benefits to patients, and to your institution's bottom line.  As a Lab Director or Point of Care Coordinator, you are in a unique and strategic position to both lower the cost of healthcare delivery and help ensure positive patient outcomes.  At CarePoint Solutions, we share your objectives and are committed to providing the resources you need to do that job more effectively.

Think of CarePoint Solutions as your collaborator.  We turn good ideas into products.  Have a good idea, or a problem that needs solving?  We are all ears!

Thanks again for your interest in CarePoint Solutions.  We look forward to working with you in the near future.


Bill Donohue, MS